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Dream information for Club Wolfwind.
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Name:   Club Wolfwind
Caption:   Lounge/RP/Adoption
Population:   1
Dream Standard:   T+
Hub:   Allegria Island
Last Seen:   2017-09-14 03:04:17
Welcome/Entry Text:  
Welcome to Naiva Jade!

Please abide by the rules of the dream, our Ice Guardians are here to help, but if you cause trouble, they won't hesitate to eject you!

For more information, please touch an Info Orb or visit our website.

Please report any glitches or issues to available Ice Guardians.

"&Teleports" to see a list of teleports.

"&DJ Screwloose" to see a list Screwloose's Module Mixes & listen to them.

Title image by Daiktana